The Morganizer

Snap Pictures, Brand Them, and Send them to Your Friends!

Built to create brand ownership with consumers, the application

uses multiple types of technology:

- Camera Phone

- Bluetooth

- Text Messaging

- Internet

- Social Networks

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Mobile Photo Locator

Just Snap an Image.

The phone determines your consumer's location from the image and reacts appropriately. One possibility is to have the locations web site pulled up.

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We can put you app on any of the 4 billion mobile devices out there. To maximize the reach of your mobile campaign, you need mobile apps that run on any mobile phone your consumer may have. We can help. iPhone, JavaME, Nokia --- it does not matter.


We have the skills to put your branded app on anyone's phone.

Navigate the Mobile Labyrinth We will help you make sound decisions as you navigate the mobile development labyrinth. The development and certification requirements of mobile applications are drastically different than for web and flash applications. Despite these differences, a little education on mobile technology will help create the best consumer experience.

Break Outside of the Browser Your consumer's phone has many capabilities beyond its "web browser" that can engage them with your brand. We have spent time exploring all of the different technologies so that your application will be innovative, engaging, and exactly what you want for your brand.

HearNSpell iPhone App







Our HearNSpell App continues to break new ground as the only spelling app on the store to similate the mechanics of the traditional spelling test.

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WeAdvocate iPhone App







We can now customize our WeAdvocate for any political organization in one week.


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